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Sinomec is a comprehensive energy service company integrating energy investment and operation, energy engineering construction, energy technology research and development and energy trade service. The corporate headquarters is established in Shanghai. Sinomec's industry, power industry, petrochemical industry and new energy industry investment and operation, planning consulting, survey and design, engineering contracting, R & D and manufacturing is one, with a complete business chain. Sinomec participation in the international power station project covers Malaysia, Venezuela, Vietnam, Dubai, Thailand and other regions.

Sinomec and Wondrous Group for Partnership and joint investment and development of the Malaysian power grid power station public construction projects.China Energy Engineering Co., Ltd. and Wondrous Group based on the principle of friendly reciprocity will be fully developed and long-term operation of the Malaysian power station Project.

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Deron Energy is the original Huarui Group Overseas Engineering Division of the overall restructuring from the transformation, is one of the core business unit of Holley Group, mainly engaged in overseas energy projects, general contracting and project-related investment and financing business. Since its inception, the business unit focused on environmental protection new energy, contract energy management, overseas power generation and power transmission project four areas, is the entire Holley Group overseas development strategy an important part of the efforts to implement "technological innovation, capital operation, global "The development goals. Into 2016, with the Holley Group's strategic changes and professional needs of the operation, the overall transformation of overseas engineering division Zhejiang Deron Energy Limited. In the future, Deutsche Energy will focus more on the development, financing, implementation, management and exit of overseas energy engineering investment (BOT, PPP) projects, and is committed to becoming an investor in overseas energy engineering investment projects and investing in manager GP.

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The company is China and the world's largest power industry, one of the comprehensive solution provider. With a strong industrial chain (especially in the field of survey and design) business advantages, we can provide customers with one-stop integrated solutions and life-cycle management services. We have a wealth of experience in more than 80 countries and regions in China and overseas power engineering construction projects. According to the Sullivan report, from 2012 to 2014, we have participated in the design and / or construction of the power plant with a total installed capacity of more than 160 GW, ranked first in the world. According to the "Engineering News Journal" magazine, we will be ranked 21st in the "Global Design Company 150" (Design Business) by 2015 and we will be ranked 15th in the "Global Contractor 250" Contracting business). We are ranked No. 309 in the World Fortune 500 in 2015.

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Changshu fengfan power equipment Co., Ltd is located in Changshu, China, is the production of high pressure, high voltage transmission lines galvanized iron tower, power equipment and construction of oil refineries professional company. Products have been in China more than 20 domestic provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions to use, and has been exported to Japan, Australia, Iran, Iraq, South Korea, Myanmar and other countries and regions.

Changshu fengfan power equipmentwith Wondrous Group is a strategic partner and co-invests in the development of thousands of kilometers of high-voltage electrical tower construction projects in Indonesia. In addition, the two sides also work together to participate in Malaysia cost hundreds of millions of oil refinery project development plan.

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Shanghai Electric Power Construction Co Ltd is a modern large-scale construction enterprise integrating power engineering construction general contract management, civil construction, power transmission project, equipment installation, unit commissioning, engineering supervision, processing and manufacturing, logistics management and technical consultation. The technical force is strong, Well equipped, advanced management, with good engineering performance and social reputation.

Shanghai Electric Power Construction Co Ltd has the approval of the Ministry of Construction, "Electric Power Construction General Contractor Yiji", "mechanical and electrical equipment installation professional contract Yiji", "lifting equipment installation engineering contractor Yiji" qualification, with the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Of the "foreign economic cooperation business qualification certificate", with the National Nuclear Safety Administration issued the "civil nuclear pressure equipment installation qualification permit" and the national power commissioning premium qualification.

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