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International forum

 Participate in the Global Economic and Governance Symposium

International Conference on Global Economics and Governance (2015 GEG) aims to provide a forum for accessing to the latest theoretical and empirical knowledge from both modern economy and.....more

 Participated in "Global Economic Outlook and Taiwan's Response"

Taichung City International Business and Commerce Research Institute (IMC) President Chen Kunyang, Vice President Tang Mingliang, Secretary General Wang Mingyu, Deputy Secretary-General Huang Yunzhu, Wondrous International Investment Holdings Chairman Ti-Wu Shan.....more

Future Industry Trends

Big Data

Large data must be based on the computer data statistics, comparison, analysis can only come to the objective results. The United States began in 2012 to start large data, Obama in the same year invested 200 million US dollars in the development of large data, more emphasis on large data will be the future of oil. Data mining (data mining) is to explore the method used to resolve large data.

Examples of large data applications include science, RFID, sensing network, astronomy, atmospheric science, transportation, genomics, biology, large social data analysis, Internet archiving, Internet search engine indexing, Communication records, military investigation, community networks, commute time forecasts, medical records, photo images and video archives, and large-scale e-commerce.

Internet Cloud

The Internet, like the "international" between countries, is a huge network connected between the Internet and the Internet. It can be translated into "Internet" and "Internet" or " Internet ", and the Internet in Taiwan translated into the Internet, or" Internet ", that is," connected to the network network ", can be any separate set of physical networks, these networks to a group of common Protocol connected to form a logical single network. This method of connecting computer networks to each other is called "Internet interconnection".

With the Internet, O2O (online to offline) or O2M (online to mobile), e-commerce and other hot issues spread to Taiwan, it seems that the advent of retail 4.0 era, that is, the retail industry to integrate from the actual situation, Sales and service access, and provide innovative business models to win the favor of consumers.


Financial technology (also known as FinTech) refers to a group of enterprises using technology means to make financial services more efficient, and thus the formation of an economic industry.

Financial Technology (Fintech) set off a global boom, the domestic financial industry are all in this year's big action to launch digital financial applications, the Institute of Industry Information Research Institute (MIC) more directed at 2016 global financial technology has three major highlights, The field of payment will accelerate the financial industry to change the API economy and lead the application of the trend towards the Internet of Things (IOE) environment business model.

Financial science and technology unstoppable, pay for the development of the focus

Fintech integrated into IOE to achieve the new business model

Financial industry API gradually open to deepen the consumer industry applications

Real - Time Exchange Rate

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